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Hobbit House, 38x46cmCrop circles, 30x100cmEs gibt Dicke, es gibt Duenne (There are fat ones, there are skinny ones), 100x100cmBoat on a sea,  100x100cm, CHF 750Explosion, 100x100cm, CHF 750Puff, puff, pineapple, 60x40cm, CHF 390Mount Titlis at sunset, 40x50cm, CHF 340Amsterdam, 70x50cm, CHF 320Evening forest, 60x80cm, soldGreat titmouse birds, 20x20cm, soldabstract swan, on furniture, 60x60cm, CHF 390Blue circular fantasy, 50x70cm, CHF 810Home, 40x50cmMountain massive, 100x30cm, CHF 310Lady in a hat, 23x30cmAfrican mountains, 20x60cm, CHF 180Buddha grid, 40x50cm, CHF 490Windmills on the sea, triptych =3x 20x60cm, soldBobby (Positive Vibration), acrylics with little golden stones, 40x40cm, CHF 220